6 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Google Partner

Karen Dauncey
4 min readMay 13, 2016


With so many individuals and agencies offering Google AdWords management services and packages, it can be a bit of a stab in the dark knowing who to trust your hard earned dollars with when it comes to running your Google AdWords.

But I Can Manage My Own AdWords Can’t I?

Some people might feel like they don’t want to waste money paying a monthly management fee on top of their actual Google AdWords spend each month. However, we believe this money is definitely an investment you need to make.But I Can Manage My Own AdWords Can’t I?

Some people might feel like they don’t want to waste money paying a monthly management fee on top of their actual Google AdWords spend each month. However, we believe this money is definitely an investment you need to make.

Time and time again we have clients who come to us for help after running unsuccessful campaigns. Often they have wasted hundred or even thousands of dollars because they don’t know the difference between broad match and phrase match keywords. Or how to add negative keywords. If you don’t know what these mean, you’re most likely spending money on irrelevant clicks to your site.

Often the monthly management fee and monthly spend is cheaper than what you may spend on your clicks alone, plus you will get better quality traffic and therefore, in turn, you should end up seeing a better rate of conversions and return on investment (ROI).

OK I Want A Google AdWords Manager

So you decide to engage an online marketing expert to manage your Google AdWords campaign. How on earth do you know which one to choose? We believe that selecting an agency which is an official Google Partner is the best choice to make. Being a Google Partner places an agency streets ahead of those that aren’t and here are just a few reasons why.

1. Qualifications

Becoming a Google Partner means that at least one person in the agency needs to pass at least 2 exams from Google. One exam has to be the ‘Fundamentals’ exam, which tests a broad knowledge on Google AdWords, and the other exam can be any of their advanced exams, such as ‘Search Advertising’, ‘Display Advertising’, ‘Shopping Advertising’ or ‘Mobile Advertising’. Better yet, find an agency which has more than one qualified team member so you know that whoever manages your account knows exactly what they are doing.

2. Access to Google Support

Google Partners all have access to a wide network of support directly at Google, from AdWords to Analytics and Google My Business. This means that should any aspect of your account hit a snag, they can pick up the phone and have it sorted in next to no time. They also know what to ask and who to speak to if something goes wrong.

3. Feature Knowledge

Being a Google Partner means that agencies will generally have a more advanced knowledge of the different features of AdWords as well as know about new features that have been released. Some may even be invited to test out beta features that haven’t been rolled out across AdWords yet, which can help to keep you even more ahead of the pack. So instead of just running a basic search campaign, you agency should be using things like remarketing, structured snippet extensions, call out extensions and remarketing lists for search ads.

4. Best Practice Requirements

Google also keeps an eye on how partner agencies are running their campaigns. Each Google Partner is given an account score and advice on how they should improve their campaign structure and performance in order to maximise their client’s success on the platform. If the agency fails to meet these best practice requirements over a period of time, their Partner status will be at risk.

5. Access To Google Training

Not only does Google have exams to keep their partner agencies up to date, but they also offer ongoing support in a variety of ways. One of the most important things they offer is training on Google AdWords and a support network of fellow Google Partners. Being able to get refresher training on any of the exam topics helps agencies stay on top of their game all year round. It also means if your agency takes on new staff, it won’t take them long to get trained to the required standard.

6. Campaign Reviews From Google Account Specialists

Even an agency will need a little help from time to time, and that’s where Google account specialists come in. These specialists can take a look at a client account and make personalised recommendations which can be implemented to improve the overall performance of the account and help get a better ROI. Whether it’s suggesting a video advertising campaign or suggesting some targeted placements for remarketing, they usually have something interesting to contribute and help the agency get the most out of AdWords for their client.

These are just a few reasons why we believe you should choose a Google Partner to manage your Google AdWords account.

And remember, if they’re also claiming to be a ‘Google SEO Partner’, stay well away! The Google Partners program is only for those managing Google AdWords and has nothing to do with SEO.

If you want a Google Partner to manage your AdWords campaign, speak to Blue Cherry Online Marketing today. Our team of AdWords qualified individuals are experienced and love being able to turn those clicks into conversions.



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